Birutė Si

Birutė Si

Augantis Molis

19 September – 30 October 2019

The notion that form follows function is still prevailing today. Modernism has fully explored design devoid of beauty altogether. Thus, beauty was seen as superfluous, unnecessary, out of fashion, a sign of past times with too much ornamentation . An intellectual game for some, and for others beauty can be added as an extra at the end of the creative process (to the extent the budget allows).

Today we know how people feel living in an environment too much deprived of beauty. Ugly things usually make people angry and sad. We crave for beauty. It is time we realise that form is function and that beauty is an emergent property of both nature and the creative process.

“It took me a while before I discovered clay. I always thought my mission was to create beauty and what I create must be functional. That was the reason I dedicated myself to fashion, hair design and interior design. But my beliefs about functional beauty crashed, when I put my hands into clay for the very first time: I couldn’t stop myself from bringing into existence things with any other function except beauty. It led me to ponder what beauty and its function really are, why beauty has such a huge impact on people. Why everything is so beautiful in nature?”

“To make my forms I use slab and coil techniques. For decorating I sometimes use slip or extruding tools. When firing my pieces I heat my kiln to 1,040 to 1,200 degrees Celsius depending what colour I want. Most often I don’t glaze my works. The matte surface reminds me of natural materials like stone, sea polished wood, sand dunes and I think this is where much of my inspiration comes from. I would love to think that while a person is looking at my work, he is resting his eyes and mind.”

Birutė Siniauskienė was born in 1990 in Širvintos, Lithuania and is currently living and working in Vilnius. The exhibition at Galleri deBernardo is her first.