GdB ArtistTalk #1

GdB Artist Talk #1 – 7 March 2020

A Jungian Therapeutic Artistic Journey

Influences of psychologist Carl Jung are clearly present in fine art photographer Gabriel Isak’s surreal dreamlike melancholic scenes. In dialogue with lecturer and psychotherapist Suzanne Gieser, Gabriel reflects on how his own therapeutic journey became one with his artistic journey.

Carl Jung

“A great work of art is like a dream; for all its apparent obviousness it does not explain itself and is never unequivocal.”

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) was the founder of analytical psychology and is probably the most influential psychologist  in the arts and humanities. Undoubtedly a 20th century Renaissance man, Carl Jung also contributed in the fields of psychiatry, anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, and religious studies.

This artist talk is one in a series of talks arranged by Galleri deBernardo

  –  Saturday 7 March at 14:00 – 16:00

  –  Upplandsgatan 57, 113 28 Stockholm

  –  The talk will be given in Swedish or English depending on the preference of the audience

  –  Free entrance, limited number of seats, please contact gallery to register

  –  Bubbly drinks and snacks served

  –  See Facebook event 

The Girl and the Shadow


Gabriel Isak is a Swedish fine art photographer known for his iconic symbolic psychological scenes.

Gabriel’s current solo exhibition at Galleri deBernardo runs until 8 March 2020.

Suzanne Gieser is a lecturer and psychotherapist with a special interest in Jungian psychotherapy.

Suzanne has a Ph.D. in History of Science and Ideas at Uppsala University.