GdB Photo Expo 2020

GdB Photo Expo 2020

Exhibition at Galleri deBernardo 7 – 10 February 2020

Galleri deBernardo in collaboration with art counselors Claudia Isaza and Maria Cruz are proud to present a mixed exhibition of artists of photography.

The exhibition features selected works by nine contemporary photographers originating from or residing in the Baleares and Murcia regions of Spain and Dutch urban exploration photographer Daan Oude Elferink. The artists’ artwork combined form an inspiring and aesthetic contemplation of human endeavour and nature’s splendor.

  • Vernissage Friday 7 February 18:00 – 21:00
  • Exhibition 8 – 10 February 12:00 – 18:00
  • Upplandsgatan 57, 113 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Most welcome!

Exhibited Artwork (selected)

Exhibiting Artists

Bruno Frejean‘s artistic work started with painting and sculpture, while photography was only a hobby. Since 2010 he has returned to his teenage passion of photography. Specializing in portraits and street photography, his photography is the work of a true humanist, humanity is in the heart of his practice.

Carmen Gomez has worked professionally as event, portrait and architechtural photographer. As an artist Carmen seeks the emotional expression catching the essence of objects, people and situations. Carmen uses natural light whenever allowed and innovative techniques of different textures in her photographs.

Isabel Martin discovered digital photography in 2002 and held her first photographic exhibition in Palma in 2012. Often exploring erotic themes, Isabel’s exhibitions has had great medial impact. In 2014 her work was exhibited at the Brick Lane Gallery in London. Several Spanish writers have trusted Isabel with the cover of their books.

Since 1978 Jaume Reinés explores surrealism with painting, cinema and photography. For Jaume, surrealism is the dictation of thought, without the intervention of the ethical, of reason or of morality. He likes to take the subject from its environment to place it in a new habitat, beyond what is not visible. His artist name is Bennàsser-Colom and he always signs his art B-C ´19.

Jesús Garrido is a professional photographer and arctic guide currently living in Swedish Lapland. Jesús is always ready to capture the beauty of nature. His photography is focused on northern lights and wildlife, aiming to capture the gestures and expressions of the animals in their everyday life.

Jorge Paredes is a graphic designer by profession, working in different techniques such as oil, pastel and charcoal combined with photography. His photographic technique reflects a totally opposite style to his paintings; images full of movement, although it remains true to the shocking colour palette that reflects on his canvas.

Marc Escobar specialized in art graphic arts and photography during studies. Having exhibited in Morocco and Mallorca, Marc is a young artist who promises to be a future talent in photography. He has participated in several photographic competitions and also in marathons, earning good positions in both.

As a child María Celdrán was surrounded by reels, negatives, cameras and enlargers – her father, a television technician, was a great fan of photography. It was a world of magic to Maria. In her images Maria conveys not merely how the world appears, but her relationship with it. She puts her heart and soul into every snapshot she takes when she encounters other cultures and traditions while traveling.

Miguel Ángel Caparrós‘ work is a cult of perfection – in the photographic technique, in the movements of the dancers, in the cadence of the whirling tissues and the subtlety of their chromatic perception. Spending ten years photographing dancers, Miguel has achieved works with great aesthetic force; beauty, balance, harmony – art to perfection.